ACO Solutions

“The fast-rising demand for a new generation of population health analytics, which creates a more refined clinical...

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PCMH Solutions

“The migration of financial risk to providers in accountable care organization (ACO) and patient-centered...

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Payers Solutions

Gartner in its research article (February 1, 2013) “Top Actions for Healthcare Payer CIOs, 2013: Address the Looming...

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Hospital Solutions

“A big advantage goes to ACOs that are operated by healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) that...

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  • Testimonials

    "I was blown away when I saw the tool and the application and how they were able to use that data. I figured that it was going to show us some information but I had no idea that it was going to be as dynamic as it actually was".

    Shelia Ware,
    COO, Patient Physician Network (IPA)

  • Testimonials

    "Being able to slice and dice the data in manners by physicians, by disease or combination of diseases was very impressive".

    Murray Fox,
    CEO, Plano Physician Network

  • Testimonials

    “I whole-heartedly recommend VitreosHealth. With new payment models like ACOs, Bundled Payment and Value-based Purchasing, executives need to make many more decisions around health care to minimize cost, boost quality, and reduce risk.”

    Steve Dobbs,
    CEO, Merit Health System

  • Testimonials

    “By using near real-time patient health records from EHRs along with financial claims data, VitreosHealth presents the physicians with information that allows them to understand the total cost drivers associated with patient care across the patient population. By understanding the clinical cost and quality drivers, physicians make interventions to have a dramatic impact to lower the healthcare cost curve.”

    Karen Kennedy,
    President, Kangent Consulting, Inc

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